Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Okay, game on.
The whole point of this is that I need to have a little self-control. The siren song of the XBox has already beckoned me towards the reef, but I didn't get dashed upon the rocks...that time. I resisted it yesterday, but I'm heading in for about an hour of fun since I did repent. Maybe I should use the games as a carrot cum reward. For every task accomplished, say a chapter written, I can play a half hour. Each vocal practice equals a commensurate unit of play.

At any rate, here's my to-do list for Winter (need not be sequentially accomplished):

  1. Finish Book
  2. Audition for band
  3. Sing karaoke at a bar
  4. Go dancing (can be substituted with dance or martial arts lessons)
  5. Play Scrabble with MomJ
  6. Make and send cards (I make them but don't send them, usually)
  7. Go outside any time it is sunny

There's so many things that popped into my head while making this list. Obligations, duties - things that I berate myself for again and again. But these types of things will not bring joy and change to me. Feeling guilty and whipping myself for things I have not done won't free me from the undertow. Nor will it quench my thirst.

Breathe. And let it out.

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