Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bad Bad Leroy Brown

January 24th is, according to a British psychologist the 'most depressing day of the year.' Why, you may ask? Perhaps for many, wouldn't that be February 14th? (And honey, sometimes that can happen even with a sweetie).
No, the 24th is the day this psych accomplished with a high falutin' formula based upon the days after Christmas, the weather, and the days it takes to break most or all of those resolutions from the New Year. Actually, that most likely occurred within 5-7 days following the puffed-chest pronouncements of the newly reformed.
Unless you're me, of course. I'm a procrastinator, sure. But apparently an overachiever as well. I made the pronouncement that I would keep that gaming to 2 hours per day and I broke it last night! Played about 2 1/2 Halo and 3 Battlefront. All right!
Oops, more later. Have to drop off car at shop.

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