Friday, March 06, 2009

Pom Pom

Just having a bit of Pom juice with my Lemon Chalet GS cookies. It was originally supposed to be Limonata soda, but I was greedy and sucked that down too quickly.
Much like life, lately. I'm running through experiences so fast that it's already nearing the close of the first quarter 09 and I didn't even have a handle on the end of last year yet. All these projects, aspirations - they all swirl around and I'm hoping they don't funnel down.
I'll post a Gally report soon. Always a blast! I'm hoping this becomes an annual thing. We've made such lovely friends there!
Around here, I've made two distinct, though happy, errors. I've joined Facebook and Fritter. I mean Twitter. I can waste two hours without noticing the time slippage on it. Talk about frittering away the evening. Both sites are like this. And yet how much fun to run around and read life journeys encapsulated in < 140 words on one and stay in touch with a true horde of friends on the other. It's so efficient that way - you'd think it would mean a savings of time. Instead, it just enables me to interact with even more people! It's a blissful issue.
So, onward! I'm off for a touch of paperwork (that should have been done hours ago) and then for bed. Sleep sucks. It's just so dang time consuming...

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