Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Oh, this wacky financial crisis. Isn't it fascinating to see the scramble of each party as they rally round the family? With a pocketful of shells for every sucker - oh, I mean voter - who has turned on the news today.

We got the president telling us in a folksy tone what a mess our economy has become. Mysteriously. Let's not point any fingers, especially at those who might be funding this boy's lifestyle post presidency. Oh, and I don't recall him moderating his language to avoid a panic - nope, it was definitely to cause one. Maybe everyone will dial their representatives and yell at them to vote for the bailout - hell, any bailout! - while they run to the banks. Good work, W!

Then we also get the Democratic reps releasing a news feed about how they've got this all figured out and will put a bill before Congress tomorrow. And no worries, folks! We're the majority, so it's a shoo in! Yep, that's right. No one can oppose us. This whole 'representative' thing doesn't mean we represent what those dopes - oops, voters - want, but rather what party they checked off on that ballot. So we'll send out a generalization of a petition under the guise of polling for opposition against golden handshakes for execs and use those names as voters who 'approve' a bill that we've not released yet. Brilliant!

Even better, the Dems are commenting on McCain's toddering over to the White House as a sign that he's getting desperate and trying to use the crisis as a campaign booster. Ummm...yeah. Like Obama's just sitting on his campaign bus preparing for the debate. Sure, McCain has had more face time with W, but that's no reason to be bitter. He's definitely trying to work this, but Obama is also trying to be engaged in the process. And come on - wouldn't we think less of them if they sat back at fundraising dinners and watched it on TV?

McCain just doesn't want to do the debate, though, so he's trying to make a case for the debate to be postponed 'during the crisis.' Really? You want to go there? It's bad enough that the press had to threaten to boycott the muzzled Palin meet and greet tour (coming soon to a city near you! Watch her talk animatedly with semi world leaders! See her nod and look touched and concerned all at the same time! Wish you could read lips because there's no sound!), but now you're going to give another signal that you have no confidence, this time in your own ability to talk without a script? Sheesh.

But, as amusing as today has been for me, I'm still peering over the cliff's edge. Houses in my neighborhood sit empty. We're cutting back on our expenses and trying to focus on paying down our debt. I'm beginning to doubt whether or not I should continue my schooling right now or take some time off in the light of the coming credit crackdowns. And yet, the Bush administration suggests that we just pat the heads of those individuals who have taken money from uninformed and misguided Americans and walked away laughing while those people stumbled under the weight of the consequence of their financial ignorance. And all of us will pay for the gilding of the handshake these companies will receive? I can only think of those houses, sitting empty, those lots of undeveloped land in my area that disillusioned Americans now pine for, and feel an overwhelming sense of betrayal.

The waves are crashing below us and the tide is coming in.

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