Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peek a Boo!

Wow, out of commission for a little while there. Holiday, longer work days, and laziness all combined to produce a big batch of -- nothing!

Strangely, I'm not too disappointed with that, though. I've been pretty happy with my Legos, watching Keefe on Grand Theft Auto, and organizing my scrapbooking stuff.

GTA is insane! The gameplay is a bit clunky here and there, though, so in a hurry you can hit your cell phone instead of running or get in a taxi as a passenger rather than jacking it if you stand in the slightly wrong place. Otherwise, loads of bloody goodness with spatters on your car if you mow down the screaming pedestrians and lots of extra fun to be had in the absofreaking huge Liberty City. Wow! They were not kidding around on this map - even if you don't play, you need to see the representation of Times Square. It's beautiful.

As for the campaign stuff, the Congressional District Caucus is this weekend, and now that Clinton has won another pool of delegates, it's a bigger priority than it was just last week. So I'll be going as an alternate and hoping that all the delegates show so I can get out and enjoy the sunshine. Why the decreased focus? Because this caucus is the one that 100+ people are campaigning for (drumroll, please) THREE spots. Three! And each person gets to make a one minute speech. It's going to take HOURS.

I'm not running for this one since I personally feel that the Elections Committee needs to be comprised of individuals with more political experience than I. So since the weather report calls for sunny skies that have seriously been lacking lately, I am praying for everyone to show up with bells on so I can run out into the sun. Oh, please. Please.

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