Friday, April 11, 2008

Suddenly Maudlin

I'm still doing the poem a day, which is a lot of fun. I think I'm learning so much just by reading what everyone has posted. Not that I'm applying it or improving. Poetry isn't my thing. Maybe that's why I'm doing this - to try and see if I can improve.

At any rate, most of mine have been fun. My topics have ranged from banana chips to Charlie Brown, to Spring snow. And then there's tonights:


Faded junipers
Outlined against the sky, a dull blue
With nonchalant smears of cloud
Painted on by a hand
That now turns away
Leaving droplets of disinterest
To pool and harden

A front lawn crisping
Waiting for sprinklers on Saturday
With running, wet feet and screams
Fading by Sunday
And forgotten by Wednesday
Just an aspiration today
Making it through

It's so quiet here it hurts my ears

Eek. I should have known not to post anything past midnight. It's my maudlin hour.

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