Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One Day - But Who's Counting?

I actually finished that evil little tome and am now able to write with abandon. It was one day off my mark, but I finished it on the oh, so appropriate date of APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

Yeah. That about encapsulates the entire exercise for me. But Huzzah! And only silence answers...

April is the month of poetry. Nationally recognized. I just bet. Spring, flowers, burgeoning - all about the whimsical promise of Spring. So this guy on Writers Digest has coordinated his blog for A Poem A Day in April. Fun stuff.

I posted just now a quick little number. I don't know if I'll follow it through, but it's jolly for the time being. The subject is a prank, and this one is from April (yes, yes - an evening of apropros), an LMP in the clinic who actually pulled this one off on her boyfriend last year:

Let it fly
Smiles swirling around us
But not yours
Your mouth a letter of surprise
Confetti in the air
In your car
From the heater
And from me

Oooh! It's so good to have that ridiculous constraint, that albatross of a novel off my back. A chittering monkey that kept pulling my hair, reminding me of commitments made and disregarded.

Tonight, I recognize myself - I am a Corn Flake. Making cheap allusions, breathy references to paths untaken and a punchline to smooth the rough edges. But I flutter off to the next thing once I think I've made a good go of it. The novel took so long because I tried to make myself be what I'm not - focused and committed to writing. Writing is just a part of me, it's not my life's work. I'm a hack and I kind of enjoy it!

Right now, the only thing I'm really committed to is making the 44th Legislative District caucus a success and getting enough people to sign up as volunteers. Oh, and bringing the sugar so everyone's nicely hyped up enough for some manual labor. Hmm. I seem to be committed to being bossy - but bossy with tasty vittles!

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