Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shock of the Pod

Wow, so I really will recap more of our Gallifrey adventures. For now, Keefe and I did an audio review for the fantastic lads over at DW Podshock. Check them out:

It was supposed to be around five minutes or so but turned into 20+ minutes of us babbling about how great a time we had. Hopefully, they'll be able to use it, but considering how long it is, Keefe and I will understand if they don't. If not, I'll get a link on here for it so people can listen and laugh. Could be mildly amusing or vastly uninteresting to you, but if we haven't had a chance to meet in person it could be funny to hear our voices, at any rate.

I have a couple of writing projects that I'm working on and am very excited to report one of them is non-fiction. It's a BF guide and should be hilarious to write since I don't read non-fiction, self-help type guides. I expect it to be a bit snarky and unpublishable, thus purely for my own entertainment. On a less exciting basis, one of them is that heinous novel that I swear is going to be done this month or else. For those of you who know, this is a hollow sentiment and no one in their right mind has any cause to believe this claim. But, in a fit of optimism (with plenty of thrashing and frothing), I will still make the claim and attempt to complete it. Come back in a week's time to read my pathetic dejection when I fail, hmm? Ha! Now I'm guaranteed to do it since I expect to fail. So there!

And one last bit of excitement for me - I'm a delegate for our local caucus process. Ooh, say that fast. Sounds a bit naughty. So I'll keep you up to date on all the fun stuff which begins this Saturday with a local meeting. For delegates, there is actually a campaigning aspect to continuing your delegate status. This includes forms, baby-kissing, fundraising, hand-shaking, and speech-making. Ah, the glories of the political process. Rife with sharing ideas, dreams, and germs. Whoohoo!

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