Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Haven

I did indeed switch over to a blog on MySpace, but have found the idea of continuing this one, just for me, to be quite satisfactory.
I flaked out of the jimmystuarts thing - we couldn't hook up our schedules and when the lead singer didn't call me back I figured that was a sign and let it go. Found out later that they thought the same thing. Hmm. Obviously not meant to be. And thank goodness, since most of my time last year was consumed with work, school, and Ryewire. Ryewire burned brightly, started guttering, and due to a little rampant self-destruction of one member, fizzled just last month. I can still smell the sulfur in the darkened, quiet room.
This past summer, I found a lot of enjoyment doing theatre again and finishing FREAKING FINALLY my Associates Degree. I wrote a few pieces that I'm preparing for submission and - that's it. My mom moved in with my hubby and I, so we've been adjusting.
I'm still working crazy hours, not really taking care of myself, and am losing touch with friends whom I dearly love. How can you hold onto the pieces when they're made of wax and your hands are burning with self-recrimination?

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