Saturday, March 26, 2005

Waxing & Waning

Tigger didn't stay. He went back to the breeder after showing symptoms of some major separation anxiety. There are now two HOLES in the wall of our laundry room where he stayed during the whole five hours he was by himself during the day. Yikes.
So, since then, we've been waxing with the rockstar moon. Keefe's band, Ryewire, has taken off. A show every weekend, where I help man the merch table. I've had a true blast with this - but what makes me very happy this week is that school is over for now.
I was a crazy woman for thinking I could handle a class as well as my 12 hour day workweek and some weekends. Added to that was a late show every Friday and/or Saturday night. Crime in Italy.
Anyway, I'm now enjoying a slight hiatus - a waning of the rockstar moon for this weekend. No show. Sadly, I'm a trifle disappointed. But next week through the summer, there'll be one every weekend, so I should enjoy this while it's here.
I'm going to switch my blog to My Space since there's the possibility to have pics, music, and lots more options available. Don't know when that'll happen, but I'll post the switch when it does.
Oh, and hey! I actually nearly achieved all of my goals for this spring - I auditioned for a band (we're currently working through some ideas -, nearly finished book, played Scrabble with MomJ, took a class at the community college, and have gotten outside every time it's sunny! I think the karaoke bar thing can be forgiven if I do the band thing, and maybe I will take martial arts lessons sometime this year. But goody for me to actually achieve some goals even while life is so crazy manic!
Oops! Back to work *cracks whip*!

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