Monday, March 21, 2005

Tigger Mania

What an amazing month of puppiness. He's surely kept us hopping and by now you would have to deduce that we did indeed keep the puppy. Yessiree, we did and alternately affirm and regret the decision.
He's so cute when he plays and sleeps - he's already sitting, staying, and using a leash(affirmation).
What a holy terror! He tore into the WALL because he was bored (regret).
That was certainly a kink in my plans for goals this Winter, but I'm giving myself a little leeway due to the unexpected acquisition. I am nearly done with the book, did send out cards that I made for Valentine's and intend to do more for Easter this week. Haven't auditioned for a band, but my husband is now in a band - Ryewire. That's freaking fabulous news. Haven't sung karaoke, but at least I'm exercising my voice on a regular basis. And MomJ and I arranged to play Scrabble this summer when we do our Christmas cards. Didn't go dancing or take lessons, but I'm signed up for a Business course at the Community College this coming quarter. And I have gone out every day it's been sunny - and there's been so many it's quite an accomplishment.
I have some ideas for goals for this Spring but need to get our taxes done before I can set those up. And my evil plan is to have the book done when I report the next series of goals - here's to hoping!

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