Monday, February 07, 2005

Puppy Power

Just over a week ago we began 'seeing' a puppy - an eight week old tweeny dachsund named Tigger. He's with us for a two week trial basis since we were unsure if we were up to the challenge.

And it's been a challenge every day, tempered by melt-your-heart "awww". Here's a day in song (You know the melody - so sing it with me!):
12 indoor poo bombs
11 minutes of whining
10 chores undone
9 moments of cuteness
8 trips outside
7 tattered dish towels
6 hours of sleep
5 games of fetch (every twenty minutes)
4 hours of fun
3 sloppy kisses
2 leary lovebirds
and a very sweeet puppy

We'll see...

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